Welcome to Norgeson.
This site will be used for our “A new art experience, taking paint by numbers to a new level” kits.
Designed, printed and shipped from Norway with love <3

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Why buy from Norgeson?

  • You are buying directly from the artists, we are not standard resellers or dropshippers that focus on huge marketing budgets and big profit!
    Norgeson is unique! We paint the original art, we create the handmade design files and we print, assemble, pack and ship the kits.
    From Norway with love!
  • These are high quality kits with high quality accessories. “Normal” artists focus on selling their original art or print of it. Our focus is that you can paint a great version of our art. That is why we consider our paint by number kits to be the the best canvas paint by number product on the market.
  • Our designs are legally created, no counterfeits and our paint is fulfilling the standard EN-71 and ASTM D-4236 which specifies safety requirements for toys.
  • Buying from Norgeson mean that you skip expensive intermediaries. We design, produce and sell the product with small profit. There is also no marketing budget included in our prices, our marketing plan is that quality sell itself. So you get so much more quality for the money when you buy a Norgeson.
When we paint an original painting, we start with creating a sketch guide.
Then we fill this sketch with blocks of paint.
Sound familiar? Yes the concept is pretty much like traditional paint by number.
Then the fun starts!
We work with these blocks, create texture, washes, layers and use different blending techniques.
The “New art experience” series focus on those different techniques.
We use licensed artwork or our own original art to create guiding sketches.
The sketches have instructions and videos that show how and where to use the different techniques.
We design, print, pack and ship from Norway.
Nadia & Jan Helge

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Norgeson – Taking paint by numbers to a new level!