Norgeson / Nadia and Jan Helge Almås are a creative couple that live in northern Norway.
We are like most artists, a little crazy. Our focus is not to sell our own art, but to assist people with big painting activities or prepare quality painting kits so people can paint a Norgeson themselves.
It gives us so much more pleasure to see that someone has painted a Norgeson, then to see someone that has a print of our art on the wall.
We have used the name Norgeson because we consider those kits our children. Most of them have focus on subjects from Norway nature or fairytales. Norway is called Norge, children of Norge = Norgeson

When we create a design, we start with painting an original.

This is the part that takes the longest time in the process.
“Trying and failing” is a normal occurrence during this process, but we don’t give up until we have painted something that would be perfect for creating a design.

We then draw out the design by hand.
We do not believe that computers can calculate the artistic lines that are needed to achieve a great result.

It is a time-consuming process, but necessary to get an optimal design.

It then becomes paint by number fun.
This is also necessary regarding the final design. The best way to see what changes are needed on the design, is to paint it and test it.

We have designs that have been test painted over 10 times until we finally get a result that we are happy with.

When all is good, it is time to produce the kit so you can buy a Norgeson.

Jan Helge does the printing and cutting, while Nadia puts the painting kit together.

Teamwork <3

Buying a Norgeson is quite similar to taking a real life art lesson.
When we teach people to paint, we give advice with the lines in their painting and we help them with color choises and techniques.

And even when we paint an original painting it is pretty similar to painting a Norgeson.
We start with a basic sketch and we have the “numbers” already in our head.
This makes it easier for us to create a quality detailed number sketch when we are done with painting an original.

The abstract style you see in most of our designs have a purpose, it makes it easier to paint outside the line and small “errors” will become personal touches, your abstract interpretation.

By adding texture and with our blending techniques, your creativity will be stimulated and you will soon see that your painting turns out greater then the product photo.