Our biggest passion is organizing painting activities.
Here are photos and videos that show a couple of them.
We travel all around Norway with our activities. In the last 5 years, we have so far enganged over 10,000 people with paintings of different sizes.
We have visited markeds, fairs, festivals, kindergartens and nursing homes with our activities.
Everyone can paint with guiding lines and great designs from Norgeson.

The christmas gift to the Norwegian King. 1000 people painted and signed this gift.

350 people painted this big wall painting that's outside on a wall in Trofors. The painting was finished on live TV by the TV show hosts.

200 painters between 18 days and 84 years contributed on this beauty.

212 people painted on this pretty painting that was a gift to a nursing home in Mosjøen.

This troll was painted by 101 children on a 6 meter tall wall in Mosjøen.

The fisherman was painted by 220 people during a festival. It is now outside on the wall of a nursing home in Dønna.

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