Why buy from Norgeson?

You are buying directly from the artists. (Nadia & Jan Helge Almås) We paint the original art, we create the design files and we print, pack and ship the kits.
“From Norway with love”

No mixing required, all colours in the product photo come in their own painting tube.
Your result will be like the product photo or better if you do our advised techniques.

These are high quality kits with high quality accesories. “Normal” artists focus on selling their original art or print of it.
Our focus is that you can paint a great version of our art.

Our designs are legally created, no counterfeits.
And our kits are fulfilling the European standard EN-71 which specifies safety requirements for toys.

So when you are buying a kit from us, you are not just buying a paint by number.
You are buying a Norgeson <3

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