We would love to get some photos of you, holding your Norgeson. They will be great for both showing new customers how the results gets, and we would love to use them in a music video.

We are so lucky that a composer have written a classic piece to honor Norgeson.

It will be made a music video for this music, and the video will show how the last existing company that produces handmade sketches based on their own art is working.
The video will start with showing a how an original painting is prepared and started painted, then it will “flash” between many originals and end up with the finished painting that we started with.
Then the video will show the same hand that painted, draw out the guiding sketch. To show the benefits of having the original painter to create the design. It will then show us printing the design, framing the canvas, adding all accesories and pack / ships it. Then we need your help, the choir is increasing in the end of the video and we would love it if the video then showed you holding your Norgeson paint by number kit <3

Photos like this would be the perfect end of our video, you will act as the choir in the music and it would also help us showing people how amazing the results gets from our paint by number kits <3

You can email your photo here: PBN@Norgeson.com

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