Troll and White bear king Valemon

Norgeson – A new art experience!

Our new kits will have integrated techniques like texture, wash, dry brushing and wet on wet techniques. The official date that we will start selling our new series is 1 of June.
For those of you that are familiar with Norgeson, you know that texture is the easiest way to make your PBN pop out of the canvas. So here is two designs that is all about texture.
A small presale teaser 🙂
Here you can practise on long strokes ( Hair, tree trunks ) short strokes ( Fur, clothes ) Dabbing ( Small dabbing in the moss background, bigger in the forground )
And you can play along with creating 3d effects with adding thicker paint on areas you want to pop more out.

Included in this Norgeson – A new art experience:
* 2 designs in the size 21 x 30,48cm / 8.27″ x 12″
So this fits perfect in standard frames with size 20x30cm / 21×29,7 (A4) and 8″x12″
* Numbered tubes, 7pcs x 12 mL, 0.4 us fl oz
Use tube 1 to paint area 1, 2 to paint area 2 (You know the drill) Number 7 is used for they grey areas in the design.
* Palette.
we also have the color A B and C in this design.
You create A easy with mixing similar amount of 1 & 2 in the palette
B = 2&3
C= 3&4
* Instructions
* Number guide
*Product photo

Most of you already have good brushes, so this is optional. You can choose to buy this kit with quality brushes or without.
We are working on a video for this product, that is our main work at the moment ( When our new boss gives us time for it )
Hopefully ready in a couple of days.

We will start shipping out this product from 1 of may, it will be on discount until 1 of july when we will come with a new product.
New designs will have discount until we have added a newer one 🙂

While you practise on your texture techniques, you can read the fairytales here:
Troll & White bear King Valemon

Sofia, Nadia & Jan Helge