Tips and trics!

On this page we will add videos on how we recomend that you paint.
Our goal is that you create a real piece of art that no one will think is a Paint by number.

To do this your paint have to come alive.
When you are painting a area flat in coloring style, you have a paint by number coloring area.

When you are painting it with texture or/and blending, you have a piece art!
Adding texture and our blending techniques will make your Norgeson unique and no one will belive that this was created based on a handmade sketch from Norway!

Remember you do exactly how you like with your project!
This is our recomendations and there is no rules in painting, only fun.

This videos is recommendations from original artist, paint by number designer and paint by number lover at the same time. Mixing all experience in same techniques and trying to explain them as easy as possible so you can create unique art yourself.

x blending!
This is how we soft blend on our original paintings and how we recomend to do it on our Norgeson paint by number kits too. This effect can easy be added as a second coat.
The best way to create a smooth transition between colors.

Rough blending!
This is how we prefer to “blend” the background in our abstract design.
If you look at the originalls, there is lots of small lines in an area that would be only one color  in a PBN sketch.
This lines is just to small to add into the sketch.
But here is the solution on how to make your painting look like an original painting.
We also recomend that you do this as a second coat, use the numberguide and see what paint that is used for the block, add it on the side lines and rough blend.

Remember to clean your brushes often. If you are good to your brushes, they will be good to you ^^

Why buy from Norgeson? Click here!

  • You are buying directly from the artists. (Nadia & Jan Helge Almås) We paint the original art, we create the handmade design files and we print, assemble, pack and ship the kits.
  • We offer top quality kits in all price ranges, and great discounts if you buy more then one kit.
  • No mixing required, all colours in the product photo come in their own painting tube. Our product photos show the design, your result will be like the photo or even better with our advised techniques.
  • These are high quality kits with high quality accesories. “Normal” artists focus on selling their original art or print of it. Our focus is that you can paint a great version of our art. That is why our paint by number kits is without doubt the best canvas paint by number product on the market.
  • Our designs are legally created, no counterfeits.
    And our paint is fulfilling the European standard EN-71 which specifies safety requirements for toys.
  • We print, assemble, pack and ship once a week
  • Buying from us mean that you skip expensive intermediaries. We are the paint by number producer, not a distributor, that means that you get so much more quality per dollar when you buy a Norgeson.

Questions and answers. Click here!

  • Who is Norgeson?
    We are a small husband and wife company (Nadia & Jan Helge Almås) from the north of Norway that produces high quality paint by number kits.
    Art is our passion, and this is our way to spread the art around the world.
  • What is included in my Norgeson?
    We offer 3 different kit solutions now.
    -Norgeson- Our top of the line kits with high quality on everything. Canvas on stretcherbars, 3pcs brush set, lots of quality paint in tubes, painting cups,product photo, numberguide and a wallmount.
    -A taste of Norgeson- Our budget kits, the difference is that we have saved a little money on canvas that is stapled to a standard wood frame. 2pcs brush set, lots of quality paint in tubes, painting cups,product photo, numberguide and a wallmount.. If -Norgeson- did not exist, this would be the best canvas PBN product on the market!
    -A small taste of Norgeson- We call it our test kits, created so people can buy a cheap test of our product. We will always have minimum 1 design avaliable here.
  • Where do you ship from, and how long is shipping time?
    When we get an order, we print, assemble, pack and ship your order within 3 work days Shipping time from Norway is around 2-3 weeks.
  • Do you make custom design?
    We create custom design for charity and big painting activities. But our design is handmade and not computermade.
    That means creating a custom design for 1 person would take away lots of hours that we could use in creating design for sale or painting activities.
    The answer is both yes and no, yes if you can afford to cover the hours used in creating a handmade design ( Can be up to 1 month )
  • Why do your kits cost so much?
    We are both the designer and the producer. We spend lots of time creating these designs and we feel that they need to be produced in the quality they deserve. Our kits are for those who want to treat themselves to a little bit extra.
    We could use cheaper options, such as getting our designs mass produced by someone else with less quality and then becoming retailers/distributors, but why be one of millions when we can one of a billion? We actually consider our kits are very affordable, if we got our kits massproduced somewhere else with cheaper options and only became reseller, a 40x50cm / 16x20" kit sold for the standard rate would give us more profit then selling a 55x70 / 21.6x27.6″ top of the line Norgeson that we design, print , assemble, pack and ship from Norway.
    So if you are thinking about getting value for your money, there is no dobut that no one can offer cheaper kits.
    Buying a Norgeson means that most of your money went into the production cost, and not into a resellers pocket.
  • Why is your selection so small?
    We used to have a large selection, a lot of work based on license from other artists.
    But most of these designs were stolen, the knockoff companies stole not only from us, but also from the artist who has trusted us to create a great handmade design based on their art.
    It was a major setback and we were considering quitting, but after lots of wonderful feedback from our customers we decided to continue to create designs based on our own art and Norwegian classics, then the selection was of course smaller.
    We are always working on creating new handmade designs, so there will be changes in the designs we offer. This is not mass produced, so some will come and some will leave.
  • Do you ship extra paint?
    Our kits is loaded with paint in tubes. Follow our guidelines and you will have paint for many years.
    If you should be so unlucky that you run out, we will ofcourse provide help with mixing or ship new tubes.
  • Is your designs detailed?
    You can easy spot if our designs are detailed or not, our product photo is showing the design. If the product photo have lots of details, then the design is detailed.
    We belive that showing the true product photo is the best way to show our customers what they are buying, but we are also working on including extra detail photos of the design with a ruler on them.
  • Any more questions?
    Just contact us on e-mail or Facebook messenger.
    Norwegian hours might be different then yours, but we will answer as fast as possible.
    Nadia & Jan Helge
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